How can Sparky help me with my Transactions?

When you send Sparky a mutually accepted agreement, Sparky can identify the key dates for each transaction. These include the following:

  • Escrow Money Due
  • Finance Contingency
  • Septic/Well Water Contingency
  • Inspection Contingency
  • Identification of Utilities
  • Close of Escrow

To learn more, visit our Transaction Management Page

What do I need to Submit a Purchase Agreement?

Simply email Sparky the purchase agreement with the mutual acceptance date identified. That’s it!  Sparky will take it from there and process the transaction. He will enter all those key due dates on your calendar and even email you daily reminders!

How Accurate is It?

Very accurate. Each transaction also goes through a review by our QA team to ensure that everything is accurate.  However, it is important that you also personally confirm the information provided. Ours is strictly an informational service, not meant to provide legal contractual advice or discretion. 

How long does it take to Process a Purchase Agreement?

It usually takes until the end of the business day to complete processing of a purchase agreement. It has to go through a QA review before Sparky will publish the transaction dates.