What Information does Sparky Capture?

Sparky will collect the important information that you share and use it to update the database. When you look at the Contact Page you will see how helpful Sparky is: He will update contact information like Client Name, Family Profile, Buying Profile, Etc.

How Should I most Effectively use Sparky to Manage my Contacts?

Besides using Sparky for managing your Contact List, you can also categorize your Client List based on Sphere of Influence, Sales Readiness and Referral Source. By categorizing your list, you can manage your contacts more effectively into relevant groups.  For example, you would likely manage a repeat client differently than a warm lead.

Where can I find all the Information that Sparky has Captured?

Sparky will capture all the messages that you send and store them under your Contact Details. Notes about meetings or any updates will be stored in the Notes tab and any reference of actions or events will be stored under the Tasks tab.