Dashboard – Introduction

  • On the "Dashboard" page, you are presented an overview of your opportunities, transaction pipeline, relationship status, key upcoming tasks, and recently updated contacts.
  • The "opportunity status" table provides an overview of your business, so you can see at what "stage of the game" your clients currently sit, the potential revenue, and the opportunity available to drill for more details so you can add additional conversion opportunities.
  • Your "transaction pipeline" delivers all the valuable information needed for you to keep sales active and successfully moving. It summarizes the stage, contact count, and potential revenue from your list of potential buyers.
  • Your “relationship status” keeps you updated and informed about which of your contacts are hot, warm, or cold.
  • You will also be presented a list of your current and overdue “Tasks”, “Upcoming Appointments” as well as your “Top Recently Added To-Dos”.
  • You can be more productive by adding and building from previous trends that are proven to be productive and successful. 
  • Your "Most Recently Updated Contacts", as well as links to edit or connect with a contact, are also available on your “Dashboard” page.