FieldNotes provides a set of predefined Action Plans that help to optimize your activities. You can also customize those activities or create a new set of Action Plans that are all your own. A couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • We recommend that you set no more than 8 activities for each Action Plan so that you are not overwhelmed with too many tasks.
  • Update your task lists often. If it’s been completed, make sure that you mark it off as "Done" on your task list.

Using Action Plans is quite simple and intuitive. Here are 3 easy steps to follow:

1. Define your Action Plans:  Add the tasks and assign those tasks to either the default contact owner or a designated team member.

2. Trigger the Action Plans:  Click on the lightning bolt to trigger the Action Plan that you want to assign to your contacts.  Alternatively, you can use Sparky to activate an Action Plan by saying, “Sparky, assign Fred Smith to First Time Home Buyer action plan”.


3. View Progress:  Once the Action Plans have been activated, you can view the progress by navigating to the Action Plan where you can view the Assignments.


Once you have triggered Action Plans for your contacts, you will see all the tasks generated on your Task List and your calendar.

Note: Google Calendar Users may be asked to re-verify their credentials.  There is a known issue where you will receive a "This app isn't verified" message during sign in, but this is expected.  You can continue to sign in safely and start using this new functionality.

Give it a try one!  Trigger an Action Plan for one of your contacts and see the magic!  For bonus points, try telling Sparky to do it for you.

Try it now:  "Sparky, trigger <ACTION PLAN NAME> for <CONTACT NAME>"


  • "Sparky, trigger Buyer Conversion Action Plan for Jonathan Roth"
  • "Sparky, trigger Seller Listing Action Plan for Mary Smith starting next Tuesday"