In real estate, the “Transaction Pipeline” is the process or method by which a house or other property for sale goes from being placed on the market to that ultimate goal of being sold. With quantitive research and delicate precision, our “Transaction Pipeline” has been designed, assembled and orchestrated for achieving success. The necessary data and actions required to connect and keep everything moving toward that ultimate goal of closing on a property has been made more prosperous and effective. 

Much more goes into selling a home than most people outside the real estate industry realize. In fact, many homeowners are surprised to learn just how much must be done, done correctly and on time to successfully market and sell their home. The listing preparation involves many things to do like taking pictures, arranging inspections or repairs, and gathering necessary permits, tax information or other legal documents to name a few. Knowing which prospects are hot and which are cold and being on time with executing specific actions is the deciding factor that will bring success or failure with selling a property.

Our "Transaction Pipeline" is a solid and leakproof tool in the hand of the real estate agent to get things moving and keep the momentum going throughout the sales process.