Being an agent in the real estate industry can be fast paced at times to say the least. On busy days, a real estate agent might find themselves struggling to arrive on time for scheduled appointments or meetings with clients. Trying to juggle all the small, yet critical tasks and pieces of information while on the go from one location to another can be quite a challenge. It helps to have a trained assistant at your fingertips for simple yet often numerous entries, memos and important dates to remember throughout the day. 

Sparky is there as your personal digital assistant whenever you need him. The perfect agent/assistant relationship begins the moment you upload him as one of your contacts on your smartphone or mobile device. He can quickly record information about nearly anything associated with real estate transactions simply, accurately, effectively and in a timely manner. No more need to carry a memo pad and pen everywhere. With Sparky conveniently at your fingertips all you have to do is speak the relevant information or command into your smartphone or touchpad device and he will complete the task for you. Sparky is an exceptionally intelligent digital assistant. He can do many of the more complex tasks for you including accurately uploading your database spreadsheets without the need for anyone to proofread or analyze to eliminate duplicate information. 

Sparky is the ultimate solution for fast, timely and important real estate transactions on the go.