Welcome to FieldNotes!!!  It's easy to get Started with FieldNotes!

  1. To get started, all you have to do is save Sparky (your Digital Real Estate Assistant) as one of your contacts on your Smartphone. Listed below is where you can contact Sparky by phone or Email:
    • 1-716-221-8028
    • sparky@fieldnotes.ai
  2. Download the FieldNotes app for your Tablet or Smartphone.
  3. Sparky can also help with CRM Related Tasks when you are on your Computer
    • For Mac
    • For Windows
  4. Send Sparky your Existing Contact Details
  5. Sync your Calendar for Staying on time with Appointments and Everything Else
    • Learn how to link your calendar and you will never be late for an appointment or any meetings

Where else can I find more Training Resources?