You can use Fieldnotes to send emails on your behalf. Using this feature, Fieldnotes has an email server that can send out hundreds or even thousands of emails at a time. There are two options to consider - Quick Setup or a Domain Verified Setup.

What is the difference?  

In Quick Setup, it literally takes seconds to setup your email. In this setup, our email server will send out emails using the domain. This is handy if you're not familiar with domain setups or you have a general email domain like or

Even though the emails are sent from the domain like this example below. Emails are sent from but the replies to the email will be sent to As mentioned, the benefit is that it takes seconds to set this up.

The other option is to use the Domain Verified Setup. This option gives you the ability to send the emails out of your domain instead of using the domain. By doing this extra step, it reduces the email's chances of getting caught in the spam filter. The steps required to setup your domain are relatively simple. However, it involves you setting up your domain registries as shown below.  

Here are the steps provided on the setup page. It may vary slightly depending on your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Bluehost, 101Domain, etc)

These are the steps provided on the setup page.

To access the email setup, here are the steps:

1. Under your Profile (upper right corner), go to Settings.


2. You can set and connect your email by navigating to settings and into this screen shown below. Just click on "Configure Your Email Account," it might ask for consent and credentials but should be okay after that.

If you have questions, please email