Sparky is your Digital Sales Assistant that will take care of many of your daily tasks. Sparky can help with things like administrative data entry of your CRM, follow up on your to-do activities and nurture your contacts. His job is to learn your method for getting tasks done and do them for you. As a member of your team, Sparky will keep you informed by sending you an email to let you know when he has updated your CRM and will even email you a newly harvested to-do list.

How does Sparky work?

Sparky uses Natural Language Processing (NLP).  It is a category of Artificial Intelligence that learning how to extract information and infer the messages that you send.  We use this technology to help you so that you don't have to remember specific words to say or have to login into your CRM to add/update a contact. So the more you share in your message about your contact, the more Sparky learns to infer and applies that knowledge to update your contact.