On the Manage Contacts page, you are presented a summarized list of all the contacts that you have sent to Sparky to track.  

If you are new to Fieldnotes, you won't be seeing any contacts yet in your system. You can enter these contacts directly one by one, or you can send your list of contacts to sparky@fieldnotes.ai and it will enter the details for you! (See Import Contacts)

If you want to create contacts directly, you can select the "+Contact" button in the Fieldnotes app. On the "Create New Contacts" page, enter as many details as you can about the contact to improve your communication with the client. These details will also enhance your reports and sales. A minimum entry of the clients first or last name is required.

In addition, you can:

  • You can download or update your provided contact information into using an Excel file when needed, simply click the “Download/Upload” button.
  • Select which fields of data to show in the table, by selecting the desired columns in the “Select Columns” drop down.
  • Search through your list of contacts for any details that you have collected. You can select and choose which of the columns to search from by clicking on the "List" icon next to the "Search" button.
  • Filter down your contact list through the “Filters” fields and provide the desired ranges.  Note the dropdown for different filtering options:
    • Default for standard commonly used filters
    • All Filters provides an extensive list of filter options
    • Transaction Filter allows you to filter by transaction details.  
  • View the full details of each contact by selecting the profile button, as well as delete any unnecessary contacts located next to the appropriate name under the "Actions" column.