To effectively manage all your appointments, To Do's, and even emails and messages, you can view it through the Timeline tab. This is a powerful feature to manage your tasks and appointments through the Timeline tab.  


On this page, you are presented all of the tasks assigned to any contacts in your system. This includes both Appointments which have a date and possibly a specific time associated with the task. there is also the "To-Do's" which are often open-dated.

Once you have contacts in the system, you can associate tasks with each of them. For example, you can send a message to Sparky by saying "Remind me to send the contract to Jeff Weaver next Friday." The new upcoming task "Send Contract" to "Jeff Weaver" will soon appear in the system for the corresponding date for "Next Friday".

As appointments are added, you will see their due dates, to whom the appointment is for, the specific appointment, and any associated action plans. These tasks are color coded to reflect what is “open” - blue, “done” - green, and “overdue” - red.

Don't forget your follow-ups so that it will help you to organize yourself more efficiently and close more deals. Don't forget to use Sparky as your assistant so that he can remind you what is important and which should be prioritized first each day!

Tasks - Creating, Prioritizing, and Reviewing Your To-Do's

Each individual task can be reviewed, edited, prioritized, deleted, cloned, or marked as completed from the task page.

  • You are presented with the contact (in orange), the date/time for appointments, the task description, and whether the task is associated to a specific action plan in each descriptor box.
  • To mark a task as complete, you would select the checkbox next to the task description.
  • The action buttons (three vertical dots), allow you to edit, delete, or clone the specific task.
  • You can also prioritize your To Do's using the priority status - High (red), Medium (blue) or Low (green).




You can filter through your list of tasks in two different views and several filter approaches:

  • Filters
    • Activity type - Appointments, messages, meeting notes, or contact updates
    • Choose whether to show overdue tasks
    • Choose whether to show the Ai activities
    • Filter by a particular Action Plan

  • Toggle how your data is presented with the “Show by Contact” selection, directly above the filter settings box. The default view combines and organizes all of your appointments and To-Dos for all of your contacts into two sections. When you choose to show by contact, each contact will have their tasks combined into a single box.

Email - Task Daily Reminders

In Addition, you can choose to have a daily email sent from Sparky, reminding you of upcoming tasks. Under your "My Profile" page, subscribe to the "Task Daily Reminders".

If you have any questions, email us at support@fieldnotes.ai.