Yes, Fieldnotes can support a team environment.  Whether your team consists of a lead and one assistant or a team of agents, Fieldnotes  can support you.  You can setup Fieldnotes  to share the team client list, assign team members to certain clients and have an individual in charge of specific tasks.  

Adding Team Members:

You can add team members by navigating to Settings (dropdown under your name).  

Assigning Access

You also have the ability to limit who has access and visibility by assigning "Admin", "Team Leads" or "Member" access.  Admins can view all the tasks and contacts of all others, Team Leads can view the details of all members of their designated teams, while Members can only views the contacts that they own or the tasks that they have been assigned.

Contact Owner

With the team environment, you can see who is the contact owner within your team.  The contact owner and the Admin are the only ones allowed to view the contact. This allows your agents to focus only on their leads while as an Admin, you can see everyone's leads.  

If you or one of your team members are too busy, you can reassign a lead to another agent by clicking on the dropdown and reassign the contact owner:



Assigning Tasks to Team Members

Within a team environment, you can also assign tasks to other team members.  To do that, you go to that individual task and assign that task in a similar way as you reassign a contact to another team member.  This way, the task will appear on the Daily Activity list and on their calendar of that assigned team member.

As an admin, you have the ability to see everyone's tasks.  You can simply navigate to the Task page and select the view of the Tasks. This way, you can efficiently manage all the open and completed tasks for the team.

If you have a team, go ahead and start managing the team using the Team Environment features.  It's a simple and powerful way for you to see what's going on with your team members without having to cajole them for follow-ups!

If you have questions, please reach out to