Getting too busy and dropping the follow-up items? Sparky can help through Action Plans! Action Plans will help you follow-up with your contacts whether as a reminder, an email or a SMS text message. As with most people, we often remember what we need to do today but it's the 2nd, 3rd or 4th touch that we forget about. That's where Sparky can help you - Fire & Forget!  That way, you don't have to remember the  sequence of events needed for each client. By using Actions Plans, you will ensure that things are not overlooked or forgotten and that you are consistently following up with clients.

By default, we have added a set of predefined Actions Plans including:

  • FNcr - Buyer Leads
  • FNcr - Seller Leads 
  • FNcr - Buyer 5 Year Nurture

With Action Plans, you can use the templates to customize your messages to your contacts. You can set it up with a reminder, task, an email or SMS. With the templates, you've got 95% of the work done, just customize the last 5% with your name and signature.

In addition to the default Action Plans, you can download more content more the Action Plan Library.  

You can search for new content that is been created by top producing agents sharing their best practices. You can search and filter by topics using the tags such as Lead Generation, Buyer, etc. 

By leveraging Action Plans, you have a process that you can follow-up consistently every time. We have leveraged the best practices created by the Top 5% of real estate agents. Take advantage of their experience and methods to build your business!

Tip: Once you've setup your Action Plans, you can tell Sparky to start it for you while you're out. No more waiting until the end of the day.  Example:  "Sparky, trigger Lead Conversion Action Plan for Jake Jones". Give it a try today!  Let Sparky help you!