Designated Team Administrators have the ability to create and manage the teams, team leads, and members of an organization. Team administrator access is managed by the Fieldnotes team, if you would like to make updates to the designated administrators for your organization, please send a request to

User Types

In the system there are three user types:

  • Admin → All Access to all teams and all members' details.
  • Team Leads  → Will be able to see and manage the details for members of their team.
  • Members  → Users of the organization who are a part of a team, but only manage their individual details.

Manage Teams

To start, there is one default global team that will contain all members of an organization. This allows an administrator to see all of the details in the system. The administrator will have the ability to select the Teams → Manage Teams page, where they can then make updates to the members, and add and edit team details.

To add a new team, you would select the "+ Team" button, provide a team name in the pop-up, and select whether this is a "Global Team". "Global Teams" will include everyone in the organization.

You can then select which users of the organization would be “team leads” or “members” of each designated team. Your selections will automatically be saved when you exit the "Manage Users" pop-up.

A likely scenario is you may have a few "Team Leads" who manage 7 team members. You can create a team, designate the lead and admin as Team Leads, and add the 7 “Members”. This will allow the leads to manage the teams' details, while still limiting members of the team to only see their information.

Under the "Actions" Column you can:

  • Manage Users for the Team (Person Icon) – Make updates to the members and access designation
  • Edit Team (Pencil Icon) – Make updates to the title or global designation of the team
  • Delete (Trash Icon) – Delete the team from the system

Team Details

Every user of an organization that has a team set up, will have access to the Team Details page (Teams → Team Details).

On this page, you are presented with two tables reflecting "Teams you Manage", and "Teams you are on". For "Teams you Manage", you are presented the name of the team, and all other users who are designated as "Team Leads" (starred) or "Members" for the particular team. For "Teams you are on", the designated team lead is presented. This provides transparency to your team members on who has access to their client details. 

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