On the dashboard, the “Transaction Pipeline” report widget is a quick way to view the number of deals you have in the pipeline.  This is a simple and effective way for you to keep your eyes on the 'prize' and focus on closing your deals.  Notice that you can see the volume of transactions overall and the overall deal size in each stage.  And to see the details of each transaction, you can simply click on each line and drill down to see which clients are in this stage of the deal.

To start seeing how you can track your transactions on the dashboard, you simply go to the Contact view and Add a Transaction (at the bottom of the screen).  You can add as much details as you want or add a few critical pieces of information:  Buy or Sell, Price and Transaction Pipeline Status.  Once you save it, it automatically appears on the Pipeline report widget.  

Pro Tip:  When you meet a prospect, add it as a Buyer Potential or Listing Potential with an approximate price as a placeholder.  Why?  It allows you to track your priorities in ensuring that you keep your focus on activities that are most relevant for you to close a deal.