A lot of agents have transaction coordinators or assistants review their contracts. Sometimes the agents do it themselves.  Well, you now have Sparky to help you.  Sparky can evaluate your signed Residential Purchase Agreements and identify the key transaction dates on your calendar.   

How do I use Transaction Management?

Using the transaction management ability of Sparky is as simple as emailing the signed contract PDF along with the mutual acceptance date to sparky@fieldnotes.ai along with the client's name. Make sure that it is a standard MLS form.  It's as simple as that. Sparky does the rest for you.

After that, watch Sparky evaluate the contract and update you on the key dates.  Here is a list of the transaction line items that Sparky looks for:

**This is a sample list of key dates but not the complete list.  Transaction line items will vary state by state.

Here is an example of what it will look like on your system:

How accurate is Sparky on the information?

We prioritize accuracy over all else. Every contract is triple checked once by the Ai, and twice by our QA team to ensure that we are 100% accurate. Should we need clarification, a Fieldnotes team member will reach out to you.