The major features that are being released for February:

  • Sparky Accountability Partner - If you noticed, Sparky is learning more skills that will help you to build your business.  Through the daily text messages, Sparky will send you reminders on client follow-ups or check-ins.  The more you use it, the more Sparky will interact with you.  Give it a try for the next 30 days and see how Sparky will work with you to build your business relationships.  Keep using Sparky as he learns more skills to help you.

  • Action Plans 2.0 - Email/SMS - With the addition of SMS and emails, you will now be able to automate campaigns of not only task reminders but automated email templates and SMS text messages.  This will give you more time to focus on relationships and less time and effort on sending emails and messages to your contacts.  A couple of highlights:


To learn more about the new features of the Action Plan, click here.   Here is a screenshot of the new email feature.


Note: Google Calendar Users may be asked to re-verify their credentials.  There is a known issue where you will receive a "This app isn't verified" message during sign in, but this is expected.  You can continue to sign in safely and start using this new functionality.

  • Action Plan Library - With the release of the Action Plan Library, we are releasing templates that you can use for your client communications.  These templates are based on input and feedback from top producers.  Each Action Plan will be categorized based on tags like Lead Gen, Seller Listing, etc. so that you can find the right ones for your use.  With the launch of the Action Plan library, we will continue to add new content so that you can leverage for your use. 


  • Improved Dashboard - We continue to improve the dashboard based on feedback.  We added the Task Count to help you see how you are tracking to tasks.  If you want to see the details, you can drill down to see which ones are overdue or coming up.