The major features that is being released for August.  If you use Action Plans to reach out to your contacts/prospects, this release is for you!

  • Auto-Trigger - Action Plans - You can now add business rules to automatically trigger Action Plans.  You can learn more about it clicking on this article:  Auto Trigger. Now, you can use these auto-triggers for all different types of scenarios like birthday or anniversary reminders/emails or quickly respond to incoming leads from your website or Zillow.  
  • Notification End of Action Plan - This feature notifies you when the Action Plan has been completed for your contact.  At that time, you can decide whether to put that contact to a new Action Plan. To do this, you go to Edit the Action Plan and check the option box. 


  • Action Plan Advance Options - With the Action Plans, you can now set a couple of available options such as:
    • Do not allow multiple auto triggers - This prevents duplicating an Action Plan triggered for the same contact
    • Send notification email on trigger - This sends you an alert when a triggered event occurred. This helps you to know that a new lead came in and Sparky has taken care of following up for you.
    • Trigger on Existing Contacts - When you're creating a new rule, you can go back and see if there are existing contacts that could be triggered right away.