Here are the top 10 ways that we have heard from our users on updating your contacts using Sparky:

#10    Login into Fieldnotes CRM and add a contact - Despite that no one would ever want to do this.... you can.

#9      Send your CSV or Excel list of contacts to Sparky ( - This is the easiest way to upload your database and get started!  

#8     Take a picture of Open House visitor list and text it to Sparky - Wow.... creating multiple contacts with one click!

#7    Take a picture of a business card and text it to Sparky - This means no more piles of business cards to be entered.  

            Pro Tip:  provide notes about the contact along with picture

#6    CC Sparky on your client emails - Your client is going to wonder if Sparky is your assistant...  Absolutely!

#5    Forward your relevant client emails to Sparky - Similar to CC but only if you don't people to ask who is Sparky.

#4    Sharing your notes on your phone and forward it to Sparky - If you take notes on your phone, let Sparky file it away under the right place

#3    Use the mobile app to Import all the contacts on your phone -  Download the mobile app from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and search Fieldnotes Ai

#2    Take a screenshot of a text message conversation thread and forward it to Sparky - Now your notes are never lost


Drumroll please...... For the #1 most favorite way to update your contact....

#1    Pull up a text to Sparky and click the microphone and tell Sparky whatever you want - This can't be an easier than this..

    Example:  "Hey Siri/OK Google.  Text Sparky.  I just met with Jeff Jones.  He is looking to buy a house in the next 3 months.  Remind me to......"

Fun Challenge:  Now if you have one that we haven't heard of, please share it with us - and we will share it with others!