Do you have something that you want to share with your spheres?  It can be easily done through the Group Text or Group Email feature.  It's a great way to send all your contacts a personal message all at once.  Want to learn how to use it in 3 simple steps?

1.  To use it, navigate to either Group Email or Group SMS right under Engagement.

2.  After selecting the way that you want to communicate with your sphere (email or SMS), select your contacts.  You can select the names or use the filters available on the right to select a group of contacts.

3.  Compose the message:

and you will see an editor to create your message.  Don't forget to use the Tags to help you personalize your message.  You can use the features to create a beautiful email message or create a short SMS text message to your network.

CC on Email Messages

Use the CC field to copy their spouse or others (contractors, mortgage lender, etc) in your client communication.  

  • Additionally, there is also a custom {client_and_spouse_name} tag which will insert the Client_First_Name & Spouse_Name (eg. Mary and Paul Smith) in the message.  If the spouse name is not present, it drops the “and “ part.



Once you're done, either schedule it at a convenient time to send the message or Send Now. Simple!

Now use it to share a new listing or an upcoming event with your sphere!

Pro Tip: The most effective way to get responses is through SMS.  We have seen responses as high as 80% response rate.