Do you have something that you want to share with your spheres? It can be easily done through the Group Text or Group Email feature. It's a great way to send all your contacts a personal message all at once. Want to learn how to use it in 3 simple steps?

1. To use it, first navigate to All Contacts secondly look for the send Bulk message icon and third select Email or Sms then press "Compose message".

2. You will have to choose which contacts you wish to select to include on either the Group SMS or email. You can use the filter on the right side of the screen to easily filter the contacts.

3. When composing an email or SMS, don't forget to use the Smart Tags for your convenience. This will automatically personalize your email or SMS based on your contact's name, phone, etc.

For email messages, you can CC someone else so they can receive the email you're sending too. This can be the spouse of your main contact or even the alternative email of your contact if they have any.

Use the CC field to copy their spouse or others (contractors, mortgage lenders, etc.) in your client communication.  


Once you're done, either schedule it at a convenient time to send the message or Send Now. Simple!

Now use it to share a new listing or an upcoming event with your sphere!

Pro Tip: The most effective way to get responses is through SMS. We have seen responses as high as 80% response rate.

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