Now that you've gotten started, here are some additional features to help you personalize your experience with Fieldnotes in our New UI.

Navigate to the upper right corner, and click your name to access your Profile.


1. Profile

The Profile tab displays your account information and allows you to make changes at any time. Making changes to your account information allows you to stay on top of things. Setting the correct time zone is also important, especially when making appointments. Simply navigate to the information that needs to be updated (i.e. Preferred Time-zone, email address, password). Enter your preferred time zone or information in the appropriate field. You can change any of the fields, including your first and last name, email address, and even your subscription to daily task reminders. Confirm your changes by clicking the "Save Changes" button, and you're all set. 


Note that, the only part of your profile that you can’t change is your Fieldnotes assigned a smart number. Everything else can be updated, including your profile picture. 


On the bottom left, you will see Settings icon, this is where the following actions can be performed:

API Key:

An encoded key designed for integration with various systems, including kvCore, Facebook, Zillow, Zapier, and more. For an extensive list, kindly reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us via email at

Connecting with Email/Calendar

Fieldnotes seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office email or Google email and Calendars. By clicking a simple button, you'll be directed to a detailed walkthrough for connecting your email/calendar. This facilitates the transfer of Google or Outlook events/appointments from your Fieldnotes system to your calendar, enhancing the organization of your daily schedule.

Acquire a Smart SMS Phone Number (Add-on Feature):

In case you haven't acquired a Smart SMS number yet, you can click here to choose a number that suits your preferences. Simply input the desired area code you wish to utilize. If the options displayed aren't to your liking, press Enter once more to explore additional available numbers. If SMS texting wasn't included in your initial plan signup, you have the opportunity to add it now. Experience a remarkable 40-60% response rate through SMS, in contrast to the 25-30% rate achieved with email messages.

User Management:

This feature will be visible exclusively to the primary user or those bestowed with Admin privileges. It enables the addition or modification of users within your account.

If you have any questions, contact us at