Too busy to create your Action Plans?  Not a problem.  Leverage the Action Plan Library templates. These are created in partnership with experienced top producing agents to create a best in class Action Plan templates.  Check the library regularly as we are always adding more to the library.

1.  Import an Action Plan


2.  Finding the Right Plan

Filter out the Action Plans based on the topics that you are interested in - Buyer, Lead Gen, etc.

3.  Preview the Action Plan Template

To preview the Action Plan, click on the Select button.  You can see the template message and whether it is an email, SMS message or a calendar event. And if you like template, Import the Plan.

4.  Review the Template Message

As a best practice, review each of the template message before triggering it. You don't want to get any surprises. You may want to adjust the message or add to it. Note that some of the templates require your input so please review it ahead of time. To edit, click on the pencil icon. When done, save the changes and you are now ready to trigger the Action Plan.