The major features that is being released for June, 2019:

  • Saving Report Views - You can save report views.  This allows you to create the perfect contact list that you can return every time.  You can select the columns that you want to see, the filters and the sorting selection.  Once you've created that perfect view, click on Save As Report. 

Now to access those save report views, you simply access it through the Contacts menu. Have fun creating your own report views!

  • Notification End of Action Plan - This feature notifies when your contact is completion towards the end of the Action Plan. At that time, you can decide whether to put that contact to a new Action Plan or something else. To do this, you go to edit the Action Plan and check the option on. Once the Action Plan is complete, you will receive an email from Sparky.

  • New Reports! - Take a look at the updated reports:
  1. Lead Pipeline Metrics shows the number of new contacts that are added into your database
  2. Contact Engagement Metrics shows the number of interactions (measured by the updates you make to Sparky).  This shows how active you are with engaging your clients.
  3. Transaction Report shows how completed deals you have by month, quarter, year to date or year.  You can track your gross commission and agent commission as well.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or