For our September release, here are the major updates:

Signatures and More

Based on feedback, we now support custom signatures for users, configurable under the Signatures and More option under the Profile page.

  • We have Signatures, Social Links and Review Links for both Email and SMS.
  • Each of these can be customized based on each user.  This mean that in a team, you can all have different signatures and review links.  To learn more, go to this page.




Ability to specify Before and After in Action Plans

Until now, the Action Plans were designed to trigger on dates after a given date.  While this covered alot of scenarios, it didn't work well for events that occur prior to a due date.  This includes tasks that needed to be taken care of when a List is about to happen at the end of the month.  Now, you have the ability to create an Action Plan that creates tasks/activities before an event date like Listing Date or Closing Date.

  • This feature allows you the ability to schedule actions before a given date. Please note that actions would ONLY BE triggered if the expected trigger date is current or in the future. If the expected date is after the trigger date, the action is marked as failed.




Trigger by a Transaction Date property

Currently manual triggering of action plans was always based on a given date.  However, there are scenarios that require to trigger following an event or a specific date per contact is now possible.   We now can trigger action plans based on the date of any of the transaction date fields - Mutual Acceptance Date, Closing Date, Listing Date and Listing Expiration Date.

The user can dynamically choose between a specific date and a date property (please note we only support transaction properties).  Additionally, we also provide a way to filter out transaction based on the Buy or Sell property. But default this is triggered for all transactions, but for people having multiple listings, they can filter to choose to trigger for only specific ones.


Ability to CC email messages

Previously, we used to send only messages to the primary contact email address.  We now have the ability to send to alternate email and spouse email addresses.

  • We have added a CC field option which allows sending to other email addresses for the contact.

  • Additionally, there is also a custom {client_and_spouse_name} tag which will insert the Client_First_Name & Spouse_Name (eg. Mary and Paul Smith) in the message.  If the spouse name is not present, it drops the “and “ part.



Empty and Non empty filters

 Earlier, we were unable to filter for data which ‘did not have values’, or ‘had values’. For example, list for which there are kid names, for which there is no spouse name, for which there is no email address etc.  We now have the ability to filter for empty and non-empty fields.  The field is tucked away as a drop down which can be selected to any of the two values. If selected, the selection filter is removed and the empty/non empty filter is applied.





New Fields added to the Transactions File

Four new date fields were recently added to your database.  These include: Mutual Acceptance Date, Listing Date, Listing Expiration Date and Closing Date (renamed from Transaction Date).


Changing Sort order of Global Action Plans

One of the issues with Global Action plans was the the sort order was by creation date, so when a lot of plans were released, they were always getting shown on top.  As a fix, we have now make sure that all action plans tagged as New  will always be shown on top of the list regarding of sort order.  This way content generators can tag multiple action plans as new to have a varied list of action plans in the top listing while still providing users with ability to sort and filter.