To have a well-organized database, we want to categorize our contacts, but sometimes we don’t get a fitting description for them. In this article, you will learn how to add new items to group your contacts.

A.    Managing your Tags (Groups and Spheres) – This part of the fields helps you label a contact to a certain group (i.e. Broker, Transaction Officer, Lead, Client) Customize them by adding more items on the list.


  1. Open a contact to edit the information. Go to Spheres (or Groups) then click Manage Items.
  2. A box will appear to let you add/edit the Item Name. Click Save then click Done. See example below.


B. Managing the Dropdowns (Referral Source, Buyer/Seller, etc.) - These dropdowns allow you to classify the contact whether as a buyer, a seller, or both. You can also add more. 

1. On your contact’s page, click the dropdown you want to manage (i.e. Buyer/Seller). Click Manage Items at the bottom of the list.


2. The Manage Items box will appear where you can type the name of the item you want to add.



 3. Click Save then click Done to save the changes.