Managing Transactions is helpful for you to keep track of your deals and keep the history of your business with your client.  To add a transaction, simply go to the contact and scroll to the bottom of the record.  From there, you can simply add a transaction as shown on this image:

From there, you can add all the transaction details there:

  • Property address
  • MLS id
  • Pipeline Status - for tracking the status of the transaction
  • Listing Date
  • Listing Expiration Date
  • Mutual Acceptance Date 
  • Closing Date - used to determine house anniversary dates
  • Sale price
  • Commission amounts - used to track your gross earnings and net earnings

If you need to delete a transaction, you can simply go to the transaction in question and delete it by clicking on the garbage/delete button

Alternatively, you can use Sparky to help you manage all the transaction details.  From creating a potential deal to a pending deal and even deleting a transaction.  Here are some examples to try:

  • Buyer Potential - "Sparky, I just met with John Doe and he is interested in buying a home for $500,000"
  • Active Listing - Email Sparky the listing agreement
  • Buyer Pending - Email the purchase sales agreement to Sparky and watch it create all the key transaction dates for you