Do you have emails and text messages that you use regularly?  Or you want to use it across your Action Plans?  You can with the Templates feature.  It allows you to create a reusable email or SMS message.  


To set it up, navigate to Settings -> Templates

You can create folders to organize all your templates.  Here is an example that was created.

From there, you can create individual email or SMS templates

Using Templates

Now that you have it setup, you can begin using it in 3 areas:

1. Action Plans

2. Group Emails or SMS

3. Individual Emails or SMS

Here is an example in using it in Action Plans:

  • Select the Template and drop down to select the right template to use

By leveraging Templates, you can use it in many ways such as home closings, listing checklists, etc.  Give it a try!  If you have any questions, please reach out to us or email us at