Are you a Zillow Premier agent?  If you have Zillow leads, you can send your leads directly into Fieldnotes using our integration. This allows you to receive the leads automatically and get the alerts to you quickly.


Navigate to Settings and to the Zillow tab and follow the simple steps here: 

  • Browse
  • Log into Premier Agent using your Zillow credentials
  • Click on your name  > Settings
  • Click 'Connect my CRM'
  • Click 'Add Subscription'
  • Under 'Partners' select 'Fieldnotes', and click 'Next'
  • On the 'Add a Subscriber Identifier' step, paste the API Key that you have generated

Once you've completed this setup, you're done and should be ready to receive your Zillow leads.  If you have a team, you can take one more step and setup the Round Robin lead distribution feature.

Pro Tip:  Don't forget to setup an Action Plan to quickly follow-up with those incoming leads!

If you have any questions, please email us at