If you want to see your leads and the conversation/interactions with Annette, you can view all your leads by navigating to Contact > Manage Leads

From there, you will see this view below:

With this view, you have a number of options to explore:

1.  Lead View

View the leads that you are actively managing or the Ai managed Leads.  You can select the drop-down to select the view that you want.

2.  Filters

This filter allows you to select the view based on time, type of lead, owner of the lead and referral source.  

3.  Viewing the Lead

There are a number of options for you to configure the view that you want. 

A.  Select each contact and you can Mass Edit the contacts.  See the Mass Edit feature for more information.

B.  Lead Labels allow you tag the fields to tag the lead to allow the Ai to engage your leads.

You can select what type of follow-up you want the Ai to engage your leads:

  • Engage - Actively follows-up with the lead especially.  This is recommended when you are not able to connect the lead post hand-off. 
  • Long Term Nurture - Activates Annette (Ai) to follow-up with the lead over a long term period of over 36 months.  This is helpful for leads who are not quite ready to buy/sell yet.
  • Soft Reactivate - Similar to Engage but with a slower expanded period.  This is helpful for certain audience groups.

The other are tags that you can use to identify what type of leads they are - Target Profile and Timing.  Annette will also tag those labels as it learns more about the lead.

C.  Meeting notes - This allows you to view meeting notes including notes from the ISA assigned to your database

D.  Added On - This shows how long ago this lead was added to the system

E.  Last Login - This shows when the lead logged into the website.

F.  Last Contacted - This shows when you last connected with the lead through notes, emails, SMS or appointments.  This is especially helpful to know the communication by other team members as well.

G.  Expand/Collapse - There are two columns that you can expand or collapse to adjust the view of the screen - Last Login and Next Schedule fields

H.  Next Schedule - This shows when is the next appointment is set for the lead.

I.  Home Search Activity - This shows the lead's activity in terms of any home searches created, home views and homes favorited.

J.  Total # of Leads - This  shows how many leads are available based on your filtered view.

Note that in each of the field, you have the ability to sort by that column.

Go ahead and try this out.  If you have any questions, please reach out at