This month had one of our biggest releases yet! Here is what we've been up to.

AVERY Label Printing

- Ability to print address labels have been added to Contact Report

- Direct download of popular AVERY print formats

- Smart selection of showing spouse name if it is not empty . Eg: “John and James Smith”

- Ability to add borders to labels if needed

- Choose whether to ignore contacts for which address field is empty.

Leads Reporting

- Added new values to leads report for manually managing leads

- New filter options to support the status

- Revamped UI to better indicate dynamic and AI managed status

- Note: More features are going to continue to be added to leads reporting.

Call Forwarding

- Make sure that you are reachable with our new call forwarding option.

- Allows any lead who calls your smart phone number to be re-routed to the phone number of your choice.

Group Texting

- Support for live handoffs between You, Annette, and your Lead.

- Any message sent by Annette to more than 1 user is automatically marked as a group conversation.

- You can view the messages being sent in the Conversations view.

Added Ai Management

- Ability to remove a contact from the "AI Managed" Tag

- Improved processing of SMS messages to boost accuracy and speed

- Throttle limits for Ai based Action Plans

- Quiet hours between 8pm and 8am in which all Action Plan activities will be suspended until the following day.

Annette Quick Processing Page

- We have added a quick processing page to allow fast processing of Annette messages.

- Now supports a LOCK feature to show what other CSMs are working on

- Filters to allow birds eye view of status of the system and outstanding messages.

- Auto filtering out of SPAM and INVALID messages to focus on active ones.

- Ability to show follow up leads of Hot Lead and Nurture.

- Enforced marking of follow up and tagging of Hot Lead/Nurture for positive messages.

- Single page view of the lead activity for quick response.

- Faster page load and auto refresh of latest messages and counts

- NOTE: UI/UX Subject to change after user feedback.

Annette Reporting Page

- One stop page for all reporting of Annette messages

- Distribution of leads by Status, Stage and Message Label

- Ability to select time period of reports

- Ability to mark/confirm a message as Spam/Invalid or Negative

- Ability to Process a message in case it is incorrectly mark.

- Note: For older data, we have marked all positive messages as HOT LEADS