As we are getting started on Facebook marketing, here is how to setup the Business Manager, ad account and Page you will need and then how to gain access to those properties.

Account Creation and Setup

1. Facebook Page

Most businesses these days have a Facebook Page. However, for new companies or startups, make sure the Page has been created. If it has not, you’ll need to have your client go through the creation process here.

2. Facebook Business Manager

The account will need to have a Business Manager account. It’s fairly simple to upgrade, just follow these instructions. It is important to mention that once an account has moved over to Business Manager, this cannot be reversed.

This might be obvious but the person setting up the Business Manager will need to have a personal Facebook account to confirm their identity.

Business Manager allows multiple companies and users to manage the page, ad account, apps, Instagram accounts, WhatsApp accounts and more without having to be friends on Facebook.

I have had some smaller businesses have some concerns about upgrading to Business Manager, but overall, this is the easiest way to manage your advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Ad Account Setup

Follow the instructions here on how to create a new ad account.

Access Levels

Ad Account Access Levels

1. Analyst

This level allows users to view ads and access reports but make no changes to the account.

2. Advertiser

This allows users to view ads, access reports and create and edit ads.

3. Admin

This does everything the 2 prior levels can do plus the ability to edit payment methods and “manage admin permissions” which means they can add and remove users.

To get more information on these roles, check out this post on permissions.

Page Access Levels

Page access is much more in-depth and detailed than the ad account roles. It’s easier to depict with a table like the one below.

For more information on these roles, here is the help page.

Facebook Page Access

Requesting Page Access

To start the process, go to Business Settings in the dropdown of Business Manager.

In the left navigation, go to Accounts > Pages.

Click the Add button and select “Request Access to a Page”.

Enter the Facebook Page name or URL and click “Request Access”.

This will send a request to you so to approve before this process is finished. Here is how to grant access to your page.

Assigning Page Access via Email Address

If you want to grant access to your Facebook Page, follow these instructions.

Open Business Settings in Business Manager.

Click People > Users.


Click the blue “+ Add” button.

Enter their email address and select the business role and click “Next”.

Select the Pages, Ad Accounts, Catalogs and Apps that you want to grant access to as well as the role. Click Invite.

Accepting Page Access Requests

Open your Page and click Settings in the right corner and select Page Roles.

You should see a pending request under the Pending Partner Requests section. Click “Respond to Request.”

Click “Give (name) access to my Page.”

Click “Approve Request”.

The user approving the request may be asked to re-enter their password to confirm:

Once this is completed, you should see this Page listed in your Business Manager.

Facebook Ad Account Access

Assigning Access to an Ad Account

In Business Settings, head to People or Partners, depending on if you’re adding a Partner agency or individual folks.

For Partners, enter their Business ID and click “Next”.

The business ID is found in Business Manager under Business Info.

Granting access to an individual user is similar to the process for a Facebook Page.

Click “Next” and assign their access level. Once saved, we will be able to access your account and market on your page.