You can connect Fieldnotes to your Google® or Microsoft® account. With this feature, we will be sending emails on your behalf. 
This will open the Google® or Microsoft® Consent Page and ask you to login, in case you are not already logged in. You will have to login using your Google® or Microsoft® credentials, and give permissions to Fieldnotes AI app to manage your calendar, to read your messages and to send emails on your behalf. 
This is a one time process which will then enable Fieldnotes to directly manage tasks/events on your calendar, and to send emails from your account. 
You can set and connect your email by navigating to settings and into this screen shown as below: 

Next, we also recommend connecting your Google® or Microsoft® account primarily for calendar access. Everytime you create a task with a specific date/time in Fieldnotes, it'll sync to your Google® or Microsoft® account calendar so you won't miss anything. 

Once connected, the details you send to Sparky will sync with your calendars to provide reminders for your appointments and follow ups. If you have questions, please email