There are four ways to use the Auto-Triggering function. One way may be better than the other depending on how you utilize your Action Plan for your client reach out.

Auto-Trigger via Individual Contacts

For the first option, we can trigger an action plan for individual contacts. This method best suits if you have a few specific clients in mind to use a certain Action Plan to.

Select the first option, "Select Individual Contacts". A pop-up window will open, press OK and you will be directed to the Contact List so you can select the clients you wish to reach out to.

Select contacts by ticking the names you wish to contact. The name will also appear on the top panel. After that, press the "Trigger" button on the top right corner and that should trigger the Action Plan.

You can keep track of the triggered Action Plans as well. On this screen, you can see the name of the clients as well as the name of the Action Plan, when the Action Plan started and when is the estimated completion date. 

This is where you can pause and play the Action Plan too by simply pressing the play/pause button. Other buttons you see on the right are for archiving and deleting the Action Plans respectively. 

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