There are four ways to use the Auto-Triggering function. One way may be better than the other depending on how you utilize your Action Plan for your client reach out. 

Schedule by Events

For this option, your trigger(s) will depend on special dates and occasions such as closing date, birthdays, or just a specific date you have in mind.

Click the "Schedule by Event Date" option then you will be directed to the trigger options. Choose the most appropriate event depending on your intended usage for the specific Action Plan you wish to work on. Next, select the interval. This depends on when you want the Action Plan to happen. Lastly on this screen, choose how often you want this event to trigger your Action Plan .

After you set these event triggers, press "Add Filter". On this section, you'll have to choose a condition to qualify the leads you want to reach out to. There are tons of options available to make sure you're reaching out to the right audience. After adding all the conditions you want, just press "Save & Exit".

Press "Schedule" to activate the conditions you made for this Action Plan.

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