There are four ways to use the Auto-Triggering function. One way may be better than the other depending on how you utilize your Action Plan for your client reach out. 

Select Contacts by Business Rules

This auto-trigger option is somehow the same as setting up the standard auto-trigger. You just have to select conditions based on how you'll use the Action Plan. This is mainly used if you want to reach out to leads based on their Referral Source, Spheres and etc.

Click on "Select Contacts by Business Rules". You'll have the screen where you'll need to "Add Filters" based on the audience you'll reach. Once you're done selecting the filters, simply press "Save & Exit". You can then press the "Search Contacts" button, this will give you a preview of your filtered contacts.

We have two (2) options for running this auto-trigger. Run Once triggers this action plan once now, while Run Continuously keeps it running for all contacts that match the filter.

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