Leads that are qualified by the AI are handed off in real-time to owners as per 2 rules. We can set up a Broadcast or Round Robin for the agent hand-off. 


Broadcast means our ISA will call all selected agents and whoever picks the call first will get the AI-qualified lead.

Round Robin

On the other hand, our ISA will give a voice call to an agent who is next on the selected list. If this agent doesn't pick up the voice call, then, they will try the next agent. And so on...

Here's the page setup. "Configuration" needs to be enabled. Select if you want Broadcast or Round Robin then select the name of the agents. Ticking the name of the agent means he/she will be part of those who'll handle leads that are handed-off. Select the time that agents are available, select a name for the "Escalation Calling" as well then simply "Save" the configuration.

That easy! If you have any questions, please reach out to us by emailing support@fieldnotes.ai.