On this page you'll see the Contact Lead Report which you can review to see the overall standing of your leads.

You can decide how you want this screen to appear by tweaking the available filters this page offers. There are certain filters that can be use. You can select the time period and the owner of the leads. You can also view the leads according to their respective status. An important reminder is to make sure that the "AI Managed Leads" button is toggled ON. Lastly, reset button is available in case you want to clear all the filters you've applied all at once

Here are the available status we have for the leads on the system that you can choose for your filter.

On the same page, if you scroll a bit down you'll see the lead details and few shortcut buttons that will help you on your review and monitoring. 

First column, this hold the basic lead information (name, email address & mobile number). You'll also see the owner of the lead as well as an "Edit" button that you can use to quickly amend some information, if needed.

Second column is where you can see the status of each lead. You'll quickly see if they are interested or not, if they already responded and engaged in the conversation and so forth.

On the third column, you can check the last communication with the lead. If you tap on "Conversations", a pop-up box will show which has the conversation that you can review. Beside it, you'll see the "Add" button where you can add relevant notes easily.

Now on the fourth column, you'll see the upcoming tasks, emails/SMS that will be sent to the client. "Add Appointment" button is conveniently accessible too if you want to schedule something with the contact.

The last column holds additional information of the lead, where they came from, if they want to buy/sell, target location and price, etc.

This page is useful so make sure to maximize its use! :) 

If you have any questions, email us at support@fieldnotes.ai..