Action Plan Updates

  • Updates to the status by adding a new Pending status for Action Plans that are completed but have todo items not marked as complete
  • Add Run Once and Run Continuous buttons to Advanced
  • Fixed the UI of advanced features
  • Add default owner for action plans to support teams
  • Change the ordering format for Scheduled and Running
  • Improve performance

Dynamic Tags

  • Fix bug on names with invalid characters and numbers
  • Now, even if you change the name of the tag, Action plan tags continue to work
  • Clean up tag data

UX Improvements 

  • Action Plan UX improvements
  • Quick Edit and Full Edit as options to reduce multiple clicks
  • Fix Action Plan Scheduled counts
  • Add Creator tag in Meeting Notes
  • Redesign of Help/Info tags, pop ups and rework of the help messages that are shown

Zapier Support

  • Add new trigger methods of NewContact for triggering on new contact creation
  • Add a time period period to support different polling times for Zapier calls
  • Add field to distinguish between new contacts and contact updates in NewAndUpdatedContact method
  • Fix multiple IDX loop callback issue