Home Search and Alerts

  • On the Contact Details Page, a new tab called Home Search was added, allowing agents to search for properties that the user is interested in.
  • You can choose, review, and send a pre-defined email to the user with all relevant information, including links to the agent's website.
  • You can also set up ‘Home Alerts,' which will notify consumers when NEW homes that meet their search criteria are listed in the MLS. Please note that home notifications only send NEW Properties that are listed on the MLS, not existing homes that are included in the results.
  • The look and feel of listing alerts have been updated to Home Alerts.
  • Customize the email template and format for emails delivered to current homeowners (from our system). We currently have a basic template, but renters can make changes to it as they see fit.
  • The frequency, format, etc. of the emails sent for home alerts needs to be managed from within IDX.
  • An extensive variety of filters to personalize and search for a property based on MLS properties. Please keep in mind that these filters are exclusive to the MLS service and may differ between agents in different areas.
  • Ability to see the list of properties in a map as well as in a list with details of the homes.
  • Moving the map will give the ability to show a new set of homes matching and save the same to Home Alerts.

Performance Updates

  • Improve performance and reliability of scheduling using SendGrid.
  • Add more logging for email, SMS, and Action Plan scheduling.
  • Fix multiple emails being sent to teams/users on Action Plan failures.
  • Update the schedule count presentation to dynamic improving action plan page performance.

User Stats Page

  • A new reporting page where you can see the overview of the system including multiple integration points
  • Ability to review the per day/month/year usage of emails, SMS, Facebook connections, IDX connections, etc.
  • Ability to filter and see usage by tenant to identify high usage
  • Action Plan total stats (only global for now)