Our engineers are continuously making great improvements to our system. Here's a list of new and updated features this month of August for all of us.

Support for Polygon Search in Home Search

  • Now you can draw multi-pointed polygon areas on the map and have home search limited to the marked area.
  • Simple UI to mark and search the required area.
  • Support for also setting up home alerts for the marked area only.
  • NOTE: We support only one marked area at a time. Multiple mark areas need multiple home alerts.

Note: Make sure to double click when done creating your desired shape.

DNC/DNE Contact List available as a filter

  • Two new filters were added “Marked as “Do Not Call/SMS” and “Do Not Email”.
  • Looking for contacts that were marked as “Do Not Call/SMS” and “Do Not Email” are now made easy.

Smart De-duplication

  • Added a new feature that does automatic de-duplication of a new contact received.
  • Every time a new contact is received from an integration point (including Zapier, Zillow, Realtor.com, Facebook, etc.) we look up the contact in our system
  • We check for a unique phone number or email + at least the same first name or last name. If we can identify with a unique phone/email then we proceed to merge the contacts instead of creating a new one.
  • In case of conflict of data, we follow heuristic steps to see if we can merge without data loss. History of the merge is added to meeting notes and in the contact history.

Action Plan Updates

Show all supported properties in action plans, including text properties

  • Now filter for available properties for the action plan instead of a select few.
  • For text fields add an empty/non-empty option for filtering by action plans. This supports the request for Legal Shield Tenants.

Support for IDX Website based triggering for action plans

  • Now support both IDX Website based triggers and new/all contact triggers for leads coming in via IDX.
  • Automatically add Buyer tag for IDX leads.


Keep the action plan task owner assignments on reassignment

  • Previously, we had challenges with action plan tasks getting reassigned when a contact owner is changed. With the recent update, the tasks do not get updated on the reassignment. Only new tasks created go to the current owner of the lead, all existing tasks will remain as is.

Other bugs and features updated

  • Fixed issues with reporting on the counts of hand-offs shown.
  • Update connection status on Annette page based on IDX and other resource connections, now if a lead does not have IDX, the home alert option is not shown.