As previously promised, our engineers are working non-stop to make sure that our system is performing its best for your needs. The features listed below are the feedback and comments we heard and received from the majority of our users.

Website Leads View

For our clients with IDX directly connected to us, you'll have another contact view wherein leads generated via IDX Website are placed.

This new feature can be easily accessed under Contacts > Manage Leads > Change View > Website Leads.

You can follow the screenshots below.

You'll be able to see a very detailed view of the lead information from the basic information to meeting notes, the last contact made, the next scheduled texts/emails, and their home search activities. Another helpful feature on this page is that you can expand the conversation made with the lead without navigating away from where you're currently at.

Please note that this is a BETA feature and is only available to customers who are connected to IDX. We will be making further changes to this based on user feedback. 


External Source

To make it easier to understand the contact creation pipeline, a new Source option has been added. It shows the original source from which the contact was created. This will allow our AI to accurately contact the leads based on their source. Source type includes Manual, Website, Facebook, Zillow, Zapier,, etc. The Source option is also provided in Action Plan for filtering.


Smart Salutations

A new Smart Salutation field is added to the system that automatically picks the salutation name for the user. By default, if empty, the Salutation field is going to be the first name of the user. So, in case of a user named David, we can use @salutation as a smart tag and have it replaced by David. In case of users who have a nickname or a different shortened name, we can add the same into the salutation field. For example First Name: Robert, Salutation: Bob. In this case, when we use the @salutation tag, it will be replaced with Bob. This allows us to put custom nicknames into Salutation for all users and then apply the same for our outgoing messages. Another example would be to add titles into salutation eg: “Dr. Tucker”. The salutation field shows up in editing and also in Smart Tags for SMS and Email.