We have some of the most exciting updates and features for you this month!

Leads Dashboard

We have revamped our leads dashboard to show home search alerts for better visual and information overview. On this page, you'll also be able to do various sorting and filtering options so you can keep on top of your leads. Another new feature we have which is Lead Labels can be managed on this page as well.

To follow the changes and improvements, please see this article: Manage Leads Page

Customizable Lead Notification

Lead Notification is an important component that can improve your customer's experience. It makes a tremendous difference to get a heads up on your incoming connections. We've upgraded this feature to address and improve the options we have for our clients.

Here's more detailed information about our Lead Notification.

You can now customize the assignment of contacts for each lead integration you have set up through our system. It makes a huge difference to have a variety of options for who can handle a group of leads. Here's what we've developed:

  • Ability to enable and disable notification by integration source - you can choose to get an email and/or SMS notification to alert you on your new leads. You'll be sent the lead's name and phone number as details.

  • Ability to use the dynamic lead assignment you have by integration source - dynamic leads assignment is how your new and qualified leads are assigned. From now on, you can choose to use your dynamic leads setup per integration. 

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  • Ability to specify a particular owner per integration source - lastly, choosing a specific agent to handle leads from a specific integration is now possible! You just have to use a 'specific owner' on the chosen integration and pick a name from the list below. If you're not able to see the name of a specific agent on the list, please contact our Support Team at support@fieldnotes.ai.

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Contact and Transaction Linking

Have you ever had a family member's information that you want to be directly linked to so more information will be available, therefore, avoiding duplicate questions you have to answer? With our new feature, we're able to create a separate account but still be able to link those accounts on some levels (for example, a husband and wife could be two different contacts in the CRM, but now they can be linked together by transactions or relationship).

  • Ability to link a contact to others based on relationship.
  • Search different contacts and add them to show a relationship (as Contact Linking) in both contacts.
  • Also, the ability to link a transaction (eg. a house) to other contacts.

Action Plan and Mass Triggering

Action Plan page has a new look! It's definitely more user-friendly as well. You now have a direct 'Trigger' button on each action plan. Additionally, 'Tags' is available which shows information like if your action plan is new, for lead generation, for nurturing your contacts, etc.

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Another update which might be one of our most in-demand requests, and we understand why. From now, you'll be able to mass trigger an action plan to more than 25 contacts! We love this new update!

Follow this article for in-depth instructions on mass triggering: Triggering Action Plan on Contacts

Lead Labels/Tags

One of the key features for this month is the addition of lead labels. The idea is to make it simple for you to get relevant information about your contacts, such as where the lead came from, how engaged they are, and so on. These tags are fairly simple to utilize; one of the most common uses for lead tags is to start a campaign (buyers, sellers, nurture). These tags help you organize your leads and keep your outreach consistent and in return, provide us with more details on how you want your leads to be processed. Furthermore, a 3 letter UNIQUE abbreviation can be provided that can be used to easily identify values in lists, etc.

There are a few reminders we want to make sure you're aware of before using these lead tags.

  • Each contact can only have one campaign triggered.
  • Giving a contact an additional tag will automatically stop the first triggered campaign (if one exists).