It is very important to know when a new lead comes into your system. You'll be able to stay on top of your game if you know that piece of information. Lead Notifications will help you plan out. You have the option to receive either an email and/or SMS notification for the lead alert. 

To configure your notification, simply login to your account, go to Settings then scroll down to the bottom and click on Notification Settings. Set it based on what notifications you wish to get.

Notifications are sent according to your personal preference.

  • None → No notifications.
  • Important → For important Ai events like, when a lead shows interest and the lead gets handed off.
  • Information → For important events plus informational activities like when the lead responds to a message.
  • All - For all notification activities including lead creation.

There are three ways to receive your notification:

  • Bell Notification → you will be notified on the fieldnotes web app on the web browser. The notifications will be listed under the bell icon. The notifications are marked as read when you open the notification drawer by clicking the bell icon
  • Email you will be notified by email. An email will be sent to the email address registered on your profile.
  • Mobile you will receive a notification on your mobile. This works only if you have installed Fieldnotes Android/iOS mobile app, and have logged in.

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