We just recently released several major key updates and improvements that you will see on the platform:

Contact View Improvements

On the contact overview, we have made improvements on the user interface to make it easier and faster to take action and access your contact information.  This new "slider" interface enables you to move quickly between contacts.

You will see this improved view under Manage Contacts, Touchpoints and Manage Leads.

Managed Leads View (this for users with websites)

For users that have websites integrated into Fieldnotes, we now provide more insights ton your leads and allow you to manage them more effectively.  In the improved view, you will be able to organize all your leads in a simple view and see what your leads are up to in viewing homes.


As well, you are now able to text your leads home listings in addition to the emails.

Send Listings via SMS

In addition to sending your leads new listings via email, we now also support sending listings using SMS. The full URL is attached to allow automatic unfurling on the mobile device.  As with the email listings, SMS also supports templates and smart tags similar to emails.


Performance improvements

With the new design of the user interface, you will now experience a 5x increase in speed, especially in saving/updating contact information.  We appreciate your patience as we made a number of backend architectural updates to deliver this result.

Forgotten (Reset) Password

If you have forgotten your password, we have made updates to simplify the process. You will now receive an email with an encrypted link IF your email address exists in our Fieldnotes customer database.  You can click the link sent to you to reset your password. Please note that the link sent is only valid for 24 hours.