One of the best ways to nurture your lead is by creating home searches for them. With Fieldnotes and integrating your website, you can nurture your leads through IDX Home Searches and send out listings.

To start, you will need to integrate your website with Fieldnotes. Here are the instructions to do the setup.

Once you're integrated into the IDX, you will see the tab Home Search under each contact as shown below. In this example, you already see a Home Alert created for the lead.

As you explore this feature, you can set up home searches based on the criteria that are provided by your MLS.  

When you search the homes, here is an example of the home search results:

On the left side, you will see a map of the listings, and on the right, the listing details. With this view, you can do the following:

  1. Refine your search using a Polygon Search
  2. Send specific listings to your lead (via email or text)

Polygon Search

Use the Polygon Search tool to define the search area.

1.  Create the search area using the Polygon Search.  Once you have defined the search, click on the Checkbox and then the Search Marked Area button.

Sending Home Listings

1.  Once you see the list of homes available in the market, you can send specific listing to your contact.  You simply select the listings that you want.  You can also click on the images to see pictures of the home.

2.  Once you've selected the homes that you want, you can send the listing either through email or SMS.  

3.  In this view here, you can also save the Home Search as well.

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