Redesigned Dashboard Timeline

The dashboard timeline page has been updated to display the user’s collated items for the day.

  • The dashboard design has been changed to make it more intuitive on the number of activities for the day and their stage.
  • Each activity can be clicked to provide specific details like dates. The option to initiate actions from the timeline itself is available by clicking through on each activity.



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Replaced Contact Details Tasks with Timeline

A new timeline functionality has been added to replace the tasks section of contact details. It also serves as a single place to see all activities for the lead including notes, SMS, email and appointments.

  • It shows all the activities on the lead including edits, emails, appointments, notes within the Timeline view.
  • If you are a Lead Gen or Lead Management client, the Ai conversations and ISA call logs will also be shown on the timeline.
  • Both Quick View and Full View support for timeline.
  • Full view has the additional filters to view by type of activity.



Updated To-Do

Based on user feedback, the To Do's have been improved with new categories to prioritize all your To Do's 

  • You now have the ability to assign to-dos with different priorities (high/medium/low).
  • The To Do's are now displayed by priority rather than by creation time previously.



Smart Search Functionality

The Search algorithm has been updated to show results based on your usage patterns.

  • The search algorithm is now based on your search usage and pattern to better relevant results. For example, if you search for "John Wilkerson", the results will show the highest probability up to the top of the list. 
  • The search results order is based on the relevance. The best match will be at the top of the list and the less relevant results are likewise displayed at the bottom of the list.




Filter Improvements

We added a couple additional filters under Manage Contacts to allow you to search for My Leads and Ai Managed Leads


Facebook Comments

We now can incorporate not only Facebook Messenger messages but also comments as well. This provides the you the ability to interact through the CRM using Facebook. If you are a Lead Gen or Lead Management user, the Ai can also interact with your leads through this new method.

  • Fieldnotes can now support messages received as Facebook comments on a page.
  • To use this capability, you simply have to disconnect and re-subscribe to the page to start getting Facebook comments sent to Fieldnotes for processing.
  • Note that only NEW COMMENTS created since connection to Facebook is pulled. Replies to existing comment threads are not retrieved.


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