When you first start using Fieldnotes, First you want to upload your contacts. 

In order to do that you will need to collect as much of the information as possible about each contact. The main fields you must have are 1st name and last name but I would get as much as information as you can. Enter them in excel file and organize them in a table with column headers or download a blank spreadsheet you can use for this purpose.


1. Go to All contacts.

                2. Select " Download list "  


This will give you a blank copy of an spreadsheet with all the columns/fields in a contact one can save. Attached to this article will be a Copy of that spreadsheet for your download/use. 

Once you have all your contacts details in all the correct columns you can begin to upload all your contacts at once. 

  • Press Upload Contacts to drop your file or click to pick the file to upload.

    (CSV, XLSX or XLS files accepted)

  • Drop your files here or click to pick the file from your folders.

  • Now select the header rows with all the fields and then Press next.
  • Now you need to map your data and match up the columns of data to the data fields we have for the contacts.

    I have 5 columns with info and so I just need to match them up. First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Buyerorseller.

  • The Data is mapped and now press "next" and it will then show you all your data in the correct columns. 

  • Take a quick look at all your data just to make sure everything looks good and press next for the system to begin to upload your contacts.
  • When you press next the system will begin to process your data and add your contacts. 

Congrats you just uploaded your contacts.