To effectively manage all your appointments, To Do's, and even emails and messages, you can view them through the Timeline tab. This is a powerful feature to manage your tasks and appointments.

1. Click a contact's name to access the timeline for that contact.

Calendar View

On this page, you are presented with all of the tasks assigned to any contacts in your system. This includes both Appointments which have a date and possibly a specific time associated with the task. There is also the "To-Do's" which are often open-dated.

Once you have contacts in the system, you can associate tasks with each of them. 

As appointments are added, you will see their due dates, to whom the appointment is for, the specific appointment, and any associated action plans. These tasks are color-coded to reflect what is “open” - blue, “done” - green, and “overdue” - red.

Don't forget your follow-ups so that it will help you to organize yourself more efficiently and close more deals. Don't forget to connect your calendar to your CRM to have all your appointments on your phone.

Appointments and To-Do's - Creating, Prioritizing, and Reviewing Your To-Do's

Each individual task can be reviewed, edited, prioritized, deleted, or marked as completed from the contact's page.

  • Within the contact, you can view the date/time for appointments, and the task description.
  • To mark a task as complete, you would select the checkbox next to the task description.
  • The action buttons (edit pencil, trash can), allow you to edit, and delete.
  • You can also prioritize your To-Do's using the priority status - High (red), Medium (blue), or Low (green).

Email - Task Daily Reminders

In Addition, you can choose to have a daily email sent to you, reminding you of upcoming tasks. Under your "My Profile" page, subscribe to the "Task Daily Reminders".

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