Exporting your contacts from KV Core? Here are 3 easy steps to export your contacts and upload them into Fieldnotes!

You may only export the contacts that you own. Typically your owned contacts are the ones that sign up directly on your personal kvCORE website, or the contacts that you import (you can set the ownership upon import.) Contacts that come from the team, office squeeze pages or ads are owned by those entities. You can check ownership in the Smart CRM at any time for a list you are working with using the selector at the upper right.

Step 1 - Open your Smart CRM


Step 2 - Select Export

Before exporting, you can use Smart CRM Filters to create a specific list of contacts to export.

Click on 'More Actions' -> Export

Step 3 - Email

Specify where you want your file emailed. Then click Export.
Your export will be sent from: no-reply@kvcore.com
The subject of the email will be: "A Lead Export Has Been Shared with You"

With that CSV file, you can upload it into your database.

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket or email us at support@fieldnotes.ai.